Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tiff's Visit - Part 2

Tiff stayed with us for a whole week and it was great. We spent a few days just hanging around here together, but then we hit the road so we could spend some time at the beach. We had trouble finding a place on the water with vacancies for the 3 of us (teenagers aren't allowed to stay in a hotel room alone). Luckily, Tim poked at the internet and found a suite for us in Myrtle Beach with a balcony and a great view.

Tiff sent a pic of our view to her aunt. The aunt's response: "You suck!" ;D

We decided not to do very much in the town of Myrtle Beach. As far as we were concerned, the only point in going there was to play in the water. Tiff hadn't seen the ocean since she was 7 so it was about time we fixed that.

Tiff's Visit - Part 1

Nope, not dead. Just busy! Once again, we've had loved ones in town. Are you sensing a theme here? This was the 3rd time this summer that we've had family staying in our guest room. It has kept us busy, but in a good way.

This time we were blessed with the presence of Tiff, my 15 year old second cousin. That would make her Tim's second-cousin-in-law-by-marriage ... or something like that! I've known Tiff since she was very little. Although she's always lived in Kentucky, she went down to Oklahoma a few times to spend Christmas or part of the summer at my parents' house. Tim first met Tiff 2 years ago when we all went to Florida for my parents' big 40th wedding anniversary celebration. Tim & I ended up spending almost every day hanging out with Tiff & we got along like a house on fire. We simply had a blast together. Tiff felt like a mish-mash of Tim's & my personality all wrapped up in one package. The 3 of us ran around the Disney parks, swam at Typhoon Lagoon and the resort pool, played word games as Tim drove us everywhere, and on and on. There was a lot of giggling. And a lot of ice cream. It was great.

This spring when we went to Kentucky at Easter we tried our best to get in touch with Tiff so we could see her, but wires got crossed and it didn't work out. We were crushed. So when Tiff called us this summer and told us that she had permission to visit us & stay at our house, we were over the moon! Hooray!

Tomorrow I'll post some pics from our week together. In the meanwhile, I need to finish reading a book that Tiff recommended to me. Tell you more about that later ...