Monday, February 25, 2008

I Can Haz Kitteh?

So here's how it went down. Wednesday evening when we met Millie, I was a bit concerned. She was so unbelieveably calm and ... tolerant. She let us pet her & scratch her neck & at one point she even flopped over & let me pet her tummy. However, I was afraid that Millie didn't like us. I feared that she was just being polite or something. Crazy, I know. But honestly, I felt more like I was meeting a potential roommate than my future fur baby.

I voiced my concerns to Tim. He tactfully told me to get over myself. "We're getting the cat, okay? No excuses." Thank goodness my husband is as patient and loving as my adorable new cat.

Friday night Annie and Tony (the foster people) brought Millie over to our house. I was worried that Millie would hide or be distant. I figured that at the very least she would choose to sleep in her cat bed rather than with us. But I was wrong. She happily ate the food we provided and purred at our every touch. When we went to our room to sleep, she jumped up on our bed, where she curled up & drifted to sleep at our feet.

I have not stopped smiling since.

I am officially in love. I feel this urge to go out and tell everyone how splendid Millie is & post oodles of photos of her & write long posts about the cute little noises she makes & the funny way she walks or about the tiny white tip on her tail that is so cute I just want to eat it.

Dear, sweet, silly Millie. Definitely the best $50 we've ever spent.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The daffodils in our front yard are blooming. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Because it's the view from the street ... get it?

Yesterday I got a phone call from Veronica.
V: "What color is your house?"
Me: "It's, uh, kinda a creamy yellow?"
V: "Okay ..." pause "You live on a cul-de-sac?"
Me: "Yeeaaaaah ..."
I was a tad confused at first, but then I realized that V was looking up my house on Google StreetView.

Yup, that's right, kiddos. We've hit the big time. Last summer legions of camera-bedecked cars were wandering our streets. Now the fruit of their labor is available for all to see. Our town is now on Google StreetView. And if that isn't cool enough, V & Travis' house is on StreetView, too. So V and I had fun looking up one another's homes & saying, "I can see your house! Oh my god! That's so cool!" and blahblahblah.

V and I will both warn you, though, that StreetView is seriously flawed. When you put in V's address, it drops you in front of a house on the opposite side of the street and many doors down from their actual house. Ask StreetView to show you my house & you get dumped in the middle of an intersection. But with a little guidance (via cell phone in our case), you, too, may look at poor-quality photographs of the homes of loved ones and strangers. Hooray! Ain't technology grand?

PS: I would post the StreetView pic of our house, but I can't figure out how to copy the image. Damn you, Adobe!

PPS: My friend Laura & her family move away on Thursday! How fast was that?!? I held a going-away party for her last night. Mmmmm ... mohitos ...

PPPS: We put in an application for Millie the cat. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So ... I've been MIA for nearly 2 weeks now. Sorry about that. I've been pretty stressed out, but I'm starting to get over it. I could write a long, detailed post about my recent "kvetches". However, I've decided to focus on the positive. Won't you join me?

1. Tim and I celebrated our 3rd Elopiversay. Yes, spicecake cupcakes were consumed. Tim even bought me flowers. Aaw!

2. Tim had a birthday! And received his first ever birthday card that poked fun at his age. They should make a birthday card that says "You know you're old when you receive a birthday card that starts off with, 'You know you're old when ...'."

3. Inspired by Tim's rejuvenated interest in music, I have rented a flute! I'm playing it almost daily. I'm not as good as I was in high school, of course, but I'm holding my own pretty well.

4. Derek got a great job! And will be making more money while working for people who appear sane! Hooray!

5. Our friend John who was laid off a while back also got a great job! Too bad it's in Austin. But now he and Laura can feed their kids & that's all that counts.

6. My dear old friend, Karen, had a baby girl! Her name is Chloe Ellen & is super cute.

7. My pal, Janice, is a published author yet again. Her new book "Have You Found Her" - is out now. Run to a bookstore & buy it!

8. I think we might possibly maybe possibly adopt a cat. Maybe. The agency will only adopt their animals out to US Citizens, so keep those fingers crossed.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Painting madness: revisited

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I painted the living room and hallway? Remember how I had trouble posting the pics? I think I found a solution. It's called PictoBrowser. Check it out.

Thanks to Jessica over at "How About Orange" for the heads-up.