Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friends, flames, and so much more

I really really really need to get a new memory card for my camera. I have realized that I don't feel right about posting on the ol' blog unless I have a photo to share with you. But how can I share new photos if I can't take more photos?! Vicious cycle! Ahhhhh! I'll fix that soon. Really. In the mean time, please use your imagination to create pictures in your mind as I describe the marvelously intriguing life I lead.

That last sentence was meant to be said with a good deal of sarcasm, but to be honest, things have been busy, exciting, and fun around here. It's a nice change. You see, it can be very hard for me to come back to NC after visiting old friends and family in Oklahoma. I go from a situation where I'm surrounded by activity and fun to ... well ... quiet & a touch of depression. But Tim was determined to change that this time, so he arranged some activites for us shortly after my return and I kept up the momentum by planning a few things of my own.

In the 12 days since I came back, we've done a lot. We've eaten out with friends a couple of times. And I saw a movie with Jennifer. And we went over to Wayne's house (Tim's boss) with a few friends for BBQ & swimming and we had much more fun than I expected. So it appears that we've got a social life and everything! Hooray! Plus, I've been busy cooking up new recipes in the kitchen. I made my first quiche (sooooo good!) and practiced my kneading skills by making yeast rolls all by myself for the first time (thanks for the tips, Mom!). And I finally went to the Durham farmers market for the first time and bought lots of locally-grown veggies (& explored downtown Durham while I was at it). And what's that sitting in my freezer right now? Why, it's homemade vanilla ice cream made with real vanilla beans. And there's caramel sauce swirled through that ice cream just to make it extra tasty. Imagine that.

By far the best part of this week was Tim's annual review at work. No really. Tim got fabulous marks across the board. None of that "needs improvement" crap for him. Nope, he is Mr. Exceeds Expectations! Woot! And as a reward, he received a promotion to Senior Engineer! And a lovely raise! I am so so so proud of him. He's been having a rough time at work over the last couple of months(damn PlayStation 3), so it is wonderful to see Tim get acknowledged like this. To celebrate we spent far too much money on books & then went out for Japanese food at the local hibachi restaurant. Because nothing says, "Congrats!" like flames and flashing knives.

Apparently the element of danger inherent in any trip to a hibachi restaurant brings romance to mind for some people, as evidenced by the exchange we witnessed that night. Early into our meal, we saw a couple get engaged. They appeared to be surrounded by family (Man, I hope that was family at their station & not a bunch of strangers). The guy presented his potential bride with a giant heart-shaped balloon that had "I Love You!" printed on it. And he got down on one knee and put a ring on her finger. All while wearing his baseball cap. Then the employees of the restaurant sang some unrecognizeable song and everyone in the restaurant clapped. And then I immediately turned to Tim & thanked him for not proposing to me in the middle of a Japanese restaurant surrounded by my entire family and/or a slew of strangers. But if he ever wants to give me a giant balloon in an effort to communicate his love for me, that would be cool ... especially if he's willing to breathe in the helium from said balloon because, dude, I have never heard anyone with an English accent talk with a helium voice before. And I imagine that would kick some major ass. Fer reals.

Come on. You wanna hear it, too. Admit it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photographic evidence of nuggitude

Dude, what a busy week I've had! Why is it that you can leave town for just one week & it feels like it takes more than a week to recover from it? It's not as if I'm that busy in the first place, you know?

But before I get back to me and my life back here in NC, I wanted to post just one more photo from my trip to Oklahoma. I didn't have much time to visit people other than my family (and the Girls, of course). But I made a point of visiting my sissy, Ashlie, and our dear, precious Nugget. Isn't Jeremiah a cute little boy? He looks so much like his big brother, Ge'Rae. My mom and brother Ray were with me when we went to Helen's house to hang out with Ashlie, Ge'Rae, and little Jeremiah. It had been a year since we had all been together and it was so nice to just sit around and chat.

Note that while we were there, Ray and I informed Ge'Rae of the finer details of how to be a proper big bro. In short, we taught him how to play the I'm-not-touching-you game.

You're welcome, Ashlie. You're very very welcome.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girl Party 2008

For those who are curious, no, I'm not dead. Just been busy. First Tim went out to Silicon Valley for a business trip. Then I left town for Girl Party 2008. I just got back Thursday night & my schedule has been pretty tight since then (running errands, dinner with friends, giving the garden CPR, etc.). But now I'm back. Hooray!

But back to my trip.
Girl Party '08: A Girl Party that will go down in history. So historic was this Girl Party that Megan - our dear newlywed - joined us for this trip less than a week after she and Nick tied the knot. Who needs a honeymoon when you can listen to me mumbling in my sleep at the La Quinta?

It was great fun. George, Holly, Megan, and I traveled down to Dallas to spend a couple of days with Veronica. We laughed, we cried, we drank. We bought hats at a truck stop. We ate swedish meatballs at Ikea. A few of us drunkenly stumbled around The Container Store. We ate Ethiopian food, visited two Chinese bakeries, and found ourselves at a little establishment known as Margarita Ranch not just once, but twice. We saw V perform in a play (while the rest of us drank champagne). We watched the Sex and the City movie (although we stayed sober for that). And we all had funky, funky dreams. In short: good times, y'all. Here's some photgraphic evidence. And for those who attended GP'08, keep an eye on your mailbox. Your hard copies will be mailed shortly.