Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving pics

From left to right: Meryl, "Tes", & me. There were at least a dozen other fabulous people there, too, but these two ladies are especially fabulous.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Q: So, Mary, you havn't posted a new entry on your blog in, like, forever. What's that about? Are you okay?

A: Yes, Mary, I'm fine. In fact, I'm doing much better today than I have been. After many weeks of feeling craptacular, I actually have some ENERGY today!
I'm still coughing a lot, but this natural injection of energy is thrilling after spending so many weeks in my pajamas. This morning I woke up and I worked out! Gasp! And I scrubbed the bathtub before I took a nice, long shower. And I actually left the house & scratched some errands off of my list (bank, grocery store, etc.) and I did not feel exhausted when I got home! This is really major, folks. Seriously. I'm thrilled. So thrilled that I almost went out to buy new curtains for the living room this evening before coming home to make shepherd's pie for dinner. I did not do that, though, as I'm afraid that might be pushing things.

I have a habit of pushing things, ya know. One of my oldest friends once said that I am the sort of person who is either "going 100 miles per hour or is at a complete standstill". He was so right. I will sit around on my ass for days and days, just allowing my to-do list to get longer & longer. But once that list reaches critical mass, I jump up and try to get everything done in, like, 2 hours. I need to have a lot of things to do in order to work up the energy to do just one thing. I'm weird like that. The only exception to this rule is dishes. I'm pretty good at doing dishes every day, no matter how many are dirty.

So. Anyway. Enough rambling. My latest load of laundry is almost done & it's about time to start chopping onions. Pray that I still have some of this energy left in me tomorrow!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cough cough hack cough

I'm back. It took me a little longer than I expected, but that's what can happen when you catch a virus while on vacation.

Unfortunately, I'm not the only one who is under the weather. It appears that my laptop may be dying. I'll get Tim to look at it sometime soon & determine if all hope is lost.

In the mean time, I get to play on his computer! Wee! He has a British keyboard which, if you didn't know, is set up a bit differently than an American keyboard. For instance, the @ symbol and the " symbol are not where you'd expect. Same goes for the ~ thingamy. But it's easier than ever to use the symbols for the British pound & the Euro. £! €! See? Exciting, no? No? No, I didn't think so, either. ;)

Mkay, I'm going to go cuddle up under a blanket with a giant pile of tissues & drift in & out of consciousness for a while. Hope the virus hasn't caught up with you yet.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


The following is an excerpt of a phone call I made on Friday, 11/02/07 at approximately 11am Central time.

Me: So, whatcha doin' today?
George: Oh, I don't know. Maybe buying milk. And butter.
Me: You don't have to do anything else for the play tonight?
George: Nope.
Me: So, uh, you wanna go out to lunch?
George: Are you in town?!
Me: Yes!
George: AAH!!! AAH!!! AAH!!! AAH!!! AAH!!! AAH!!! AAH!!! AAH!!! AAH!!! AAH!!! AAH!!!

Thanks to Veronica for inspiring me to buy a plane ticket (and for driving up here, too!). Thanks to all of you who helped keep the secret, well, secret! And to those who didn't already know ... yup, I'm in Tulsa. I'll be here until Thursday. WEEE!