Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Yesterday was the birthday of my darling george! Huzzah! You can read about it on her blog.

Since I couldn't be with g on her big day, I was forced to sit at home and pout. Okay, I didn't just pout. I also played on-line and looked a old photos .... photos I was only able to look at because I fiiiiiiiiiiiinally have a working power supply for my netbook! My old power supply died many weeks ago & I've been dealing with the mess ever since. No netbook means no access to my memory cards. No memory cards means no new photos and, without photos, I don't like to blog. But now I can access my photos again! Hooray!

So in honor of g's big day and my brand new power supply, here are some of my favorite pics of me & my georgie-porgie.

And lest we forget everybody's favorite ... The Yeti


lizgwiz said...

Ah, the yeti. Good times.

georgie girl said...

the yeti rocketh with all its might.